Promithian Global Ventures, Inc.’s (PGVI) objective is to become a fully integrated miner, toll mill operator, refiner, and processor of precious metals. A fully integrated mill/refiner/processor of precious metals is capable of all services necessary to process other suppliers’ raw materials: hard rock ore, tailings, and gold dust. Promithian will eventually mine its’ own property and manufacture precious metals into alloyed products for the jewelry and industrial sectors of the economy: wire, plate, industrial products, etc.

Promithian Global Ventures, Inc. (PGVI) is pleased to announce that the company has officially launched a crowdfunding campaign. PGVI previously filed a Form C with the Securities and Exchange Commission under Regulation CF. The crowdfunding campaign is hosted by the crowdfunding portal The Promithian Global Ventures, Inc. pitch page on the portal contains all the relevant information a potential future shareholder would need to fully review the Company’s project. This includes the Form C, a Synopsis of the project and a Ten-Year Cash Flow and Expansion Plan.


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